About Us

Chrono Sport System is the first official distributor of SPORTident equipment in Serbia. Our goal is to offer complete equipment for Orienteering and similar sports, as well as organizing recreational programs of various kinds.

With Chrono Sport System, you will have complete availability of sports equipment for Orienteering and similar sports, for competitors as well as organizers. Our company is founded to offer sports enthusiasts, both elite competitors and recreational ones, a wide range of equipment.

Orienteering is an outdoor sport for all ages, healthy, fun, and challenging.

A competitors task is to find consecutive control points in the field, using a map and a compass. During the competition, with a map and a compass, on an unfamiliar terrain, the competitor has to rely on his own planning, quick decisions, orientation in the nature or an urban surrounding, and therefore building of physical and psychological component of ones own personality in a healthy and safe manner.

Historically, the emergence of Orienteering is related to the year 1897. and Norway and Sweden, which are considered cradles of Orienteering.

Orienteering is a family sport. On a competition, you can meet whole families that are competing. There is about 30 clubs in Serbia, whose competitors are active and registered within the Serbian Orienteering Association and Belgrade Orienteering Association. Some of the competitors, compete in Mountaineering Orientation as well.


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